Are you aware of your thoughts?

Many ‘experts’ have attempted to work out how many thoughts we have a day and these estimates have come out anything between 50-80 thousand!
It’s just as well many of these thoughts go on in the background of our subconscious mind or it would truly drive us insane.
The problem with this is we carry on our lives mindlessly talking negatively to ourselves without even noticing.
Tune in to your thoughts when you’re looking in the mirror, or when you’re reaching for the unhealthy food, when you’re getting ready to sit on the sofa instead of doing your workout.
What are you saying to yourself? Would you say those things to your best friend?
Probably not!
So tune in to your negative chatter and think of your brain as being your best friend.  What would you say to your best friend? You would probably lovingly encourage them, compliment them, and support them.
Direct your subconscious mind to focus on thoughts that lead to your success.
  • You can make changes to support your menopause – your new life phase
  • You have achieved so much in your life and there is so much more to come
  • You are an amazing women and loved by many
Which mantra will you choose?
Or maybe you can think of your own – feel free to share it with me or with the women’s tribe. Make it real 🙂

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