You get to a point in your life – well I did – when enough is enough! The fat HAD to go. I felt awful about myself, felt tired all the time and was becoming very lazy.  BUT…….. we all know ourselves very well and if you’re like me, you are aware that motivation to achieve is unlikely to happen on its own.

I couldn’t even start. I have absolutely no will power when it comes to doing something my head says “yes that’s the logical thing to do”  but where my will says “tomorrow…..” which invariably, never comes. Ms Lazy brain had taken over my life!

That’s when I called in Penny. Gently and with good humour Penny will help you accept that your lifestyle is hindering your desired goal. In my case, the wrong food groups, portions that were too large, dehydration and a complete lack of physical exercise…(well, deep down I knew the last bit).

I produced the results I wanted….maybe not as fast I might have liked but then I do have the patience of a gnat and it’s taken me five years to get to this unwanted point, so what did I expect really. The important thing is that my ten week course of one to ones is over and I still eat in a way that compliments my body’s needs, drink more water, and still exercise, and I continue not only to lose weight but I have so much more energy and a feel so much better.