Naturopathic Nutrition - Holistic and Personalised

Power Hour

With all the thousands of diet books and social media posts about diets and health

It can be really confusing knowing what to eat for your health & wellbeing

This 1-hour on-line session will give you the time and opportunity with

Penny, an accredited health coach and registered nutritional therapist.





Together you will look at the food you eat and how it fits around your lifestyle

Penny will answer your questions giving you

evidence based answers (not grapevine chatter) 

Before your appointment you will keep a food, mood and symptom diary 

and complete a health questionnaire.

Invest in your health for: 







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Naturopathic Health & Nutrition Full Support Package

This package gives you flexibility to choose when you have your follow up appointments over a 12 week period

Maybe weekly for weight-loss support?

Or 3-4 weekly whilst trying new lifestyle and food changes?

When you choose this package you will receive:

  • ~ Analysis and research of your detailed medical health and lifestyle questionnaire

  • ~ Your initial consultation will last from 60-90 minutes by video consultation

  • ~ You will have your 7-day food diary analysed

  • ~ You will be given personalised recommendations to support your health and wellbeing goals.

  • ~ You will be listened to – this is your time.

  • ~ You will receive educational handouts and links to relevant sites to support your health journey.

  • ~ You will be offered coaching and worksheets to support you

  • ~ You will also have 3 follow-up consultations of 45 minutes

  • ~ You will receive either an email or text message for extra support

  • ~ You will receive recipe suggestions

  • ~ You may receive supplement recommendations and for some supplements a discount code

  • You may be recommended functional testing if it is appropriate (at additional cost)

This plan is the most popular among clients as it gives you weekly set points to help keep you motivated. It can be adapted to what you want and need.

Penny offers a free chat prior to you booking.

Close your eyes,

step into your new body

and feel how fantastic you feel


…you are given support to move towards your goals



Email Penny ( to book for your free call

and find out if this is the right programme for you.

Small Group Programme

for Improved Health and Weight-loss

Maybe you would like to join the next group programme to support you in improving your health and with the happy side effect – weight loss and improved wellbeing?

These group programmes are really successful. 

How do you get on to the next group?

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Penny will let you know when the next group programme is starting, giving you early access – you will also get access to occasional helpful downloads and other support for your health, wellbeing and weight-loss goals.




…and whilst you are waiting for the next group programme – Join the…

Health, Hormones and Weight-loss

closed Facebook group for general support.


Maybe you don’t want to wait?

Would like some help with your health and wellbeing now?

Email Penny and tell her what you need help with