When feeling stressed the adrenal glands release the hormone cortisol into the blood supply to prepare the body for flight or fight. Cortisol increases blood sugar levels so your brain, muscles and organs have enough fuel to get you through that stressful situation – either running away (flight) or pushing on through even though you are tired and anxious (fight).

Chronically elevated cortisol increases blood sugar levels, which then elevate insulin levels preparing the body for fight or flight…this, among other things, will stop you from burning fat no matter what exercise or diet program you follow.

Imbalanced blood sugar levels will have an impact on hormones including insulin and estrogen – definitely not what’s needed at any time especially if you are at the perimenopause stage of your life or in post menopause. 

Well you know some of those well talked about menopause symptoms they talk about – or maybe you are experiencing such as hot flushes and belly fat? It may well be due to an imbalance in your blood glucose.

During peri and post menopause women find it even harder to manage blood glucose levels so reducing that stress load will be a step in the right direction to losing that excess weight

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