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Noodles Nutrients & Stir Fries

I went shopping last week and on offer were loads of different types of noodles!   Oh of course…Chinese New Year!!   One of my favourite very quick meals… which also serves me loads of rainbow antioxidant veg and contributes to my 5-10 a day is… a stir fry.   The...

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Do This Before Your Muscles Tell You To

Pilates, I feel, is more functional and can help with daily movement mechanics;   When done regularly, Pilates can help to correct imbalances.   So don't wait until your body gets stiff or your back starts complaining due to excess sitting and a sedentary life.   It...

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Can Pilates Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor?

Pilates classes focus on control and precision with the main emphasis is on core strength. Where or what is your core? Our core is far more than just our belly muscles. The core includes all the structures that make up the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. But muscles in our...

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Here is what my clients are saying.

I haven’t had a drink all week and last night I went up to Lincoln to go out with my friend for dinner, we always have wine, I had water. Tonight I am off to a friend’s house for dinner and I am driving back from there too so no alcohol. I am very pleased with myself and actually feel very positive about it all, nothing bad has happened for not having one!

It was good to meet up the other day and thanks for sharing that story. I am sure that sat in my subconscious somewhere and had an effect!!

Cambridge client

I did find the daily interactions help keep me focussed and on track. It was really useful to reflect on my habit changes and I have changed more than I thought. I really feel that I’ve adopted new eating habits which will stay with me forever.

Thank you.

Kerry from Norwich