So the debate and conversations around menopause has started – which is a really positive thing coming from the Channel 4 programme by Davina McCall on menopause.

All my clients and female friends have said to me ‘did you see…’ and although they felt it was great to raise awareness, they were disappointed!

We do need to understand that given the programme is only an hour and the menopause is a MASSIVE subject, the information they give will be at a surface level. The other thing to remember is – they want viewing figures to be high!

This being said…

I personally felt it was disempowering, with the focus mainly being on taking HRT.

Yes it was good that it showed the risk of getting breast cancer from taking the medication (HRT!) is not as huge as we were led to believe. But it didn’t touch on the many things that women can do naturally to support our transition into menopause;  using lifestyle and nutrition… Or even how to prepare ourselves and our body before we actually get to the peri-menopause stage.

Today I read some posts in a social media group where women were saying they had started taking HRT but they hadn’t lost any weight.

HRT, like all medication, is not a magic pill.

When an NHS GP writes a prescription for HRT and nothing else is addressed, to me it’s exactly the same as giving someone statins for high cholesterol; metformin for diabetes or one of the various anti-depressants for depression – without offering any education, coaching or support.

Medication may help, but by not addressing anything else going on in that person’s life – diet, exercise, lifestyle and emotional health – which all have a role to play – that medication has less chance of working.

We have a 10 minute appointment with our GP. I offer 60 minute appointments with my clients. It makes a huge difference. GPs do not have extensive training in nutrition, menopause or even time to coach someone to make behavioural changes.

Expecting a drug or medication to fix problems whilst we eat and drink things that are not loving our body and continuing on the 24 hour stressed hamster wheel – and expect our 50 year old body to still work like a 20 year olds – then of course you’re not going to get the results you want to get.

We can choose to take control of our own health, and do this naturally. I agree, if it gets too much and doesn’t seem to be working then work WITH your GP – you don’t have to give complete control over to medication.

If you do choose to go down the HRT road, remember to reflect on what things are no longer serving you be that lifestyle, diet, relationships, mind-set. When you start making changes to support your health, you will start to see results and feel empowered. Your body will start finding the right balance to heal itself; and it’s not unusual to find that medication can be reduced or even stopped with the support of your GP.

I would also suggest you get support from a Complimentary, Holistic Health Practitioner as they have studied natural ways to support your body and can help you on your journey to power through menopause.

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