Do you count calories?

Do you know instinctively that your apple is about 60 calories?

Or half that pizza is about 500 calories?

Let me tell you a story (as an old celebrity once said…can’t remember who though!)

My first qualification in the health industry was as a Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Coach, I had a client who came to me for personal training, nutrition and coaching.

Her goal was weight loss.

She was a calorie counter, checking every single label for calories.

She had it all wrong…and I mean ALL wrong!

She told me that when she was going to do an exercise class she would make sure she rested for the day!!! She didn’t work, she was off sick, suffering with fatigue and other ailments so could spend the day doing not very much.

I got her to keep a food diary, which I do with the majority of my clients.

Considering this girl knew so much about food ingredients I was shocked at what she was eating. Health bars (or what the marketing blurb calls health bars!!) and on some days nothing until late afternoon when it would be chocolate!

I always say no judgement…and I didn’t scorn her for her choices…just chatted – coaching and getting her to reflect on her choices.

She told me that she saved up her calories so she could eat chocolate. Hence the 3pm chocolate bars!

A lot of education was needed here!!

You see all calories are not equal. No wonder she was suffering with fatigue and illness. She was not giving her body the nutrients it needed.

So instead of counting calories…count how many vegetables you are eating every day…portions and also different types.

Count the colours you are getting over a week. Count vegetables and fruit – and shop, prepare and eat a rainbow of colours. Each colour has a different effect on our nutritional status and therefore our body.

They say food is medicine. It is…but it has to be the right food!


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