In the last few months my personal exercise (compared to my normal quantity and intensity has dwindled.

For a few reasons…

My studies have jumped up another level (it’s been 3 years since I started studying Naturopathy and I can finally see the end in sight!) – so I’ve had to be disciplined and choose to sit with my nose in research instead of going to the gym.

But It’s a forced rest that I need…

…due to an old injury rearing it’s very ugly head in a big way –  due to my love of body combat followed by sh’bam and not taking any notice of my knee pain – i’ve made things worse!

So now it’s time to give up high intensity classes, concentrate on studies…and find something else fitness wise to do.

Back to yoga and Pilates.

…and after all the sitting from studying, it will free up my back as well.

So just because you are forced to give something up, it doesn’t mean give up completely. Just finding an alternative – which may be a temporary solution – either way, keep moving.

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