I loved the name of my support group for women on Facebook…Get Your Sparkle Back.

But decided I needed to change the name to something which would automatically tell women what the group was about.

So the new name is….drum role please…

Health, Hormones & Weight-Loss 

Do you like it?

Our hormones have a lot to do with how we feel, both mentally and physically; our reproduction (or not!) and sexual function, our metabolism and energy levels; muscle mass changes and weight control and our skin…I could go on!!

By keeping tabs on our health, we can re-balance hormones and if overweight you often find this adjusts naturally.

Yes this is true!

…weight gain is usually a symptom of something else (apart from over eating!!)

If imbalanced, hormones tell our brain we are hungry when we’ve only eaten half hour before,
…hormones can make us crave sugary foods,
…hormones can stop us sleeping which will then leave us tired and lacking in energy
…and then our hormones then tell us we need carbs for energy so we raid the biscuit tin or the vending machine!

I also figured that women will know what they’re getting with the title of health, hormones and weight loss – but still with the goal of getting our sparkle back 

…and as a naturopath, all support will be connected to natural remedies and lifestyle choices in mind.

Let me know what you think of the name

Head on over and join the group