What has your skin and cardiovascular health

have in common?

They are both affected by menopause.

Skin health and CVD risk – both can be due to estrogen depletion.

So what can we do to to help ourselves?

• Eat a healthy diet and if needed lose weight to decrease our CVD risk. This will also have a positive effect on hot flushes if you are in the peri-menopause phase.

• If you smoke…STOP! For your skin and your heart healthy!

• Move more – get the blood flowing around your body.

• Remember what we put into our body will affect how we look on the outside.

• Cut back on sugar, and eat a rainbow of coloured vegetables.

• Drink more water, hydrate the skin and help the body remove toxins.

• Keeping our blood sugars regulated will also help with hormone balancing, and if you suffer with sugar cravings this may be a sign you need to act here.

• and my last point today is eating healthy fats.

We need fats to make hormones so really important for female health. Healthy fats are from avocado, oily fish, extra virgin olive oil, coconuts, nuts and seeds.; and of course removing excess of saturated fats…especially from processed foods.