Do you think of Pilates classes being ‘boring’?

Or maybe you think they are too hard?

Using balls and bands can benefit your Pilates practice in at least 3 ways by modifying exercises

Pilates Balls and Bands

They can help give you extra stability and support whilst your body improves core engagement, strength and flexibility.

~ so if you are new to Pilates or are needing to take a step back from your normal routine, they can make an exercise easier and more achievable for you

They can make an exercise harder by increasing instability and resistance thereby improving core strength, bone mass and muscle density

~ If you are in a mixed class, don’t feel that you won’t feel the benefit as exercises can be adapted to suit your ability

They can increase variety of exercises in a class.

~ With the 34 original mat-work Pilates exercises and all the variations and combinations as well Pilates should never be boring or the same.

In the Pilates classes I run I vary the use of just the band, just the various Pilates balls and sometimes individuals just have them to hand to in case they want to use them.

There may be the occasional ball rolling across the class or bands pinging but this just adds to the fun.

Come along to a Pilates class – I often here people saying in only 4 weeks they feel amazing benefits.

Studies have found that it can result in improved mindfulness and mental well-being, better balance, and even relief from low-back pain.

Is it time to give it a go?

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