Both yoga and Pilates concentrate on stretching,

strengthening, flexibility, muscle toning…

…and both concentrate on the breath.

Yoga breathing is inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose. There are various different breathing practices you may have also come across (Pranayamas) such as alternate nostril breathing, or the Ujjayi which can be likened to listening to Darth Vader breathing!

Pilates breathe is inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Pilates breathing is more of a lateral breath, out to the ribs. But the breath can also be felt to the back. Either way, the breath should be controlled and deep.

One thing I often to say to beginners is think about breathing out/exhaling on the hardest part of the movement.

Or thinking about changing the breathe from inhale to exhale when you change movements.

One thing for sure…never hold your breath!

It’s important not to get too hung up on breathing if you’re a beginner, listening to the prompts of your teacher will help.

Practicing regularly will also help. It is very relaxing, tuning in to your parasympathetic nervous system.

A good time to practice is before you go to sleep!

Give it a go…

and if you do have problems sleeping and want some help do get in touch. As a naturopath I look at your body as a whole to Identify the underlying cause

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