What was the last thing you ate? Can you remember?
How did it taste?
Were you aware of the textures? The flavours?
When did you stop eating? Did you notice when you were full or when the plate was empty?
When we eat this way, ..
  • We enjoy our food more.
  • Listen to our hunger signals.
  • improve our digestion
  • …and it can help with weight management.
When we slow down our eating – and eating this way will help you do that – we enable out brain to connect with the digestive system to send those signals to tell us we are full.
It will also help break down the food – part of our digestive system – in our mouth. Chewing! This needs to be done before we swallow to allow the salivary glands to work and produce the enzymes in our mouth and in our stomach to break down that food further.
Our digestive system has a huge impact on our hormones, so we need to keep in in good working order to help us in the transition to menopause.
A lot of information to digest here – pun intended 🙂

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