It’s easy to be impatient when we don’t feel we’re getting anywhere with our health.

We have a choice of taking prescription medication, many with side effects which are are given another prescription for…which have yet more side effects…and the cycle continues.
It’s also difficult when you’re in pain or discomfort and you know that the medication with stop it…even if it’s only temporarily.
So what’s the choice?
Many conditions are often made worse by lifestyle and poor nutrition. So making a start on eating better, maybe supplementing to start with using as natural products as you can (and researching possible drug interactions to your medications first), and checking in on how your lifestyle could be effecting your health.
Coaching can help you make achievable steps to move towards your goals and explore your blocks.
Naturopathic nutritional therapy holistically looks at your whole self; assessing every body system to find possible root causes to your health issues. Functional testing can be arranged and natural supplements (herbal and nutritional) suggested.
Working together with a naturopathic therapist and your GP and you get the best of both worlds…and move closer to improving your health without having to take a carrier bag to the pharmacy!
Penny offers free ‘discovery’ calls – 20 minutes to chat together to see if you are a good fit to work together to improve your health, lifestyle and wellbeing. Email her with a brief outline of what you want help with and your availability (eg daytime/evening) email: