How much would you pay for your health?

A couple of years ago, based in a GP practice and medical centre; I was advising, coaching and educating patients on nutrition, health and wellbeing. The patients made lifestyle choices and in doing so improved their health and wellbeing.

The GPs, Diabetic Nurses and other health care practitioners saw first hand how I was helping and referred their patients to me. Unfortunately, the external funding ran out – how sad that the CCG chose not to fund the successful project!

This is why I am studying to become a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. To help people with their health through natural means – with or without the support of the NHS.

“Medical education has traditionally excluded nutritional knowledge and its association with disease. This has led to a situation where very few doctors in the UK have a proper understanding of the importance of nutrition. Nutritional interventions are thought to have little evidence to support their use to prevent or maintain wellbeing and so are left to dietitians, rather than doctors, to advise on.”