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You think you’ve got away with and then BAM!!

The dreaded lurgy!!

Deep dry cough, maybe a head cold?

For me I lost my voice – not great when your teaching 4 evening classes and 4 daytime events!

Sign language and demonstration is the best substitute!!

So what can you do if you’re still suffering?

  • Home made soup…big batch in slow cooker with lots of garlic and veg (suggest you also make chicken broth if you are a meat eater).
  • Drink┬áLemon and grated ginger in hot water for vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Defusing essential oils eucalyptus, camphor, peppermint – or steam inhalation but go careful with essential oils as they are very concentrated (or should be if you have purchased quality pure products)
  • Taking multi vitamins with high dose Vitamin C and zinc
  • Oh and Vitamin D also which is needed for immune support

I’m hoping to be able to at least talk this week!!

If you are suffering, keep warm, rest and get well very soon. Duvet days and hugs in a mug are a must!