Do you sit down at work all day?

Some days I have to sit at my laptop and if I don’t move around my back tells me…as well as my shoulders and my numb butt!!!

…and even thought I consider myself active (a variety of different daily exercise and activities) research says ‘even when adults meet physical activity guidelines, sitting for prolonged periods can compromise metabolic health’.

Not good!!

If you spend the day at work sitting at a desk or driving then make sue you move around and stretch every half hour or so.

Make sure you get out at lunch time for a walk

Instead of emailing or calling walk to someone’s desk – especially if it’s going to be a ‘conversation email’ you know the ones, back and forth emailing and replying

Have a walk and talk meeting

Have a competition at work with everyone using phone apps or Fitbits.

Get a standing desk (or ask Occ Health to provide a couple and everyone alternates spending an hour at the desk).

I put my laptop on a shelf so I can alternate between standing and sitting.

It may not be as good as exercising but it may help your posture and back issues – mindfulness is a must whether we are sitting or standing. Print off a picture of what your spine should be like and what it is like when you slump in a chair or stand on one leg, shoulders hunched over.

Then when you get home…if you are a member of a gym and enjoy going stop on the way home rather than waiting until you get home. You know what happens…as soon as you sit down then you talk yourself out of getting back up again.

Arrange to do something with a friend, even a brisk walk around the block with your neighbour is better than nothing. This helps you to feel accountable to each other, not wanting to let the other down. Make an agreement that if one of you says you can’t be bothered the other has to encourage…rather than agreeing!!




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