This was my walk to the station to get the train for my day of lectures at Birkbeck uni for my Naturopathic Nutrition course.

I was happy to see I was not the only person walking in the snow early on a Sunday morning!!
I left home at 7.30 in the morning and one of my fellow students called me mad coming all that way! I don’t feel it’s mad – when you want something…really want it…then you will make a way to do it.

It may take 2 hours from door to door at times (weekend train travel is so slow!!) but to me my journey is part of the adventure to learn more, get qualified and help people along the way.

It’s not far really, but comparing it to if you live in London then I suppose it is.

How do you view things? Like they are hard work? Like you will never achieve it?

Or do you turn it around and reframe it? Make it an adventure?

It all really depends on how much you want it as well…