How Do You Prepare Your Body for Menopause?

This is a big subject!

…and something we should consider long before we think we should.

When we hit menopause (and I’m sure many women have felt like ‘hitting’ menopause!!), estrogen levels drop and this depletion has many effects on: bone health, skin elasticity, cardiovascular risk…well I could go on but let’s just explore a little about these!!

Today a quick look at bone health

penvita menopause


After the age of 30, creation of new bone cannot keep up with the rate of bone loss in our body. So being mindful of our lifestyle and thinking ahead at an early age is definitely advisable.

• Doing regular resistance exercise to keep the bones strong. You’ve heard that saying, use it or lose it? I’m sure some of you regular gym goers have noticed that after a 2 week holiday you come back and you can’t quite do as much as before your holiday?

• Eating a healthy diet containing calcium (and don’t just think you can only get this from dairy – green leafy veg are a good source as well).

• Vitamin D which helps the absorbency of calcium. If you feel you may need a vitamin D supplement get tested first as too higher amounts can be toxic.

• Vitamin K works with vitamin D and promotes the accumulation of calcium in your bones and teeth. Found in foods such as leafy greens, egg yolk and liver.