Are you waiting for the storm to pass?

…or are you making the best of the situation we’re in?

With social media and the regular news updates constantly in sight and sound it can be hard to focus on anything else.

This may be making you feel a little anxious and unsettled.

Being anxious causes the stress hormone cortisol to rise – which effects our blood glucose levels and impacts on other hormones.

Something to avoid if possible especially if you’re suffering with sex hormone imbalances.
So what can you do to help support your mental health?
It may not feel it but there are a lot of good things that have happened in response to the lock down we’re currently in.
Take a few moments to sit, relax, breathe and let your mind think about what positive things have happened in your life over the last few weeks.
I can think of quite a few things that have been a benefit for me.
* I’m getting up earlier to go for a run.
* I’m ‘seeing’ my daughters’ more… virtually.
* Not traveling anywhere has saved me a fortune in petrol.
* I’ve been more inventive with food.
* Lots of great online exercise workouts.
* I’m having more contact from friends I’ve not spoken to for ages.
* I’m getting jobs done around the house that I’ve not had time to do.
Focus on the good stuff…and switch off or reduce the constant negative news if you feel it’s getting to you.
What have you gained from this lock down?
What’s the positives for you?

I would love to hear so get int ouch and let me know either via email or post in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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