Penny Stretching

I’ve never been a runner, I’ve done a few 5k events and when living in Cambridge I had an 8k circuit I enjoyed along an old rail track and through some woodland.

But since living in Bucks running has not been a regular thing for me.

I miss being outdoors…and the one exercise you can do outdoors which doesn’t involve too much planning is running.

So this morning I’ve decided to get back into it. I strapped my knee up with a sturdy brace…and I jogged for 2k along the river, round the park and back home. It took my 15 minutes.

It felt good to be outdoors.

It felt good to move my body.

Being outdoors first thing in the morning keeps my hormones in check – regulating my body clock..

…and at this time of year when there are so many colds and bugs around – It even cleared my sinuses (love a good phlegmy blow!! Yuk!!)

I am creating a small habit, 15 minutes minimum of 3 mornings (yes I’m going to get up early if I’m working away from home).

…and by telling you I feel like i have to be a little more committed to doing it!

What’s your habit for this week.

Choose just one thing.

  • It may be 5 minutes of step-ups every day
  • It may be drinking 2 litres of water a day.
  • It may be having more protein at breakfast
  • It may be swapping that afternoon chocolate bar for an oatcake with nut butter.

Who will you tell to keep you accountable?

Do you want to improve your health and wellbeing? Need some help?

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