Pilates classes focus on control and precision with the main emphasis is on core strength.

Where or what is your core?

Our core is far more than just our belly muscles.

The core includes all the structures that make up the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex.

But muscles in our body don’t work in isolation so it’s also including your shoulder/scapular stability.

…so everything from the top of your legs to the top of your torso. So not just your belly muscles.

Building core strength will help bring balance to the front and back of your body, Strengthening and aligning will help prevent injuries, improving your posture and keeping your internal organs and central nervous system (your brain and spinal cord) protected.

If your spinal cord isn’t well supported by your core muscles, then the pressure on it is going to affect your movements and may eventually cause pain – affecting the quality of your life!

There are also specific muscles that can get weakened from pregnancy, giving birth and peri-menopause.

Yep…the pelvic floor!

Tightening and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles during your Pilates workout will help you strengthen this area.

Don’t think you don’t need to as you’ve never had children or been pregnant. Because as us women age, decreased levels of estrogen cause urogenital atrophy and weakening.

Last week I mentioned use it or lose it when talking about bone health.

The pelvic floor is a muscle and the same thing applies, use the muscle to keep it strong.

If you want to know more about this subject please comment or email me. Don’t feel you need to suffer in silence. You really are not on your own here.

A study in 2002 found that 32% of women in the UK suffered and only 1 in 5 actually asked for help!. It is a subject that women feel embarrassed about and don’t talk about, until asked (in my practice as a Naturopath – I ask!!).

I have helped and supported many clients and can refer on if you need help outside of my expertise so don’t suffer in silence.

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