The Amazon delivery guy just knocked on the door and ran…left a box on my doorstep.
But I hadn’t ordered anything!
Must be for my neighbour, I thought.
I checked the address and it WAS for me.
My favourite chocolate.
A gift from my daughter who I’ve not seen for months.
When you send a gift of love you receive that love back.
Such a lovely thing to do
…and i’m sure like me you are feeling the forced isolation of lockdown pretty hard to handle sometimes
and not being able to see loved ones pulls on the heart strings.
So I’m going to eat a square or two of my delicious gift and as I mindfully taste and enjoy the explosion of tastes in my mouth; in a strange way it envelopes me with a missing hug.
As well as my gift being my favourite chocolate – it also has some amazing health benefits especially if you have 70% or above cocoa.
Not that I need an excuse to eat it.  Because it’s so rich, it slows me down and it lasts a lot longer than a bar of high sugar, low cocoa Cadbury dairy milk which plays havoc with blood sugar levels and hormones.
So as well as being full of antioxidants which protect your cells against free radicals – and it tastes good too.

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