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Keep those sniffs and sneezes from spreading AND help feel better by using natural remedies.

My training colleague has gradually been feeling worse over the week. It started with  sore throat, the next day he had a headache, and the following day finding it difficult to breathe.

So this morning before I left home I put some drops of essential oils onto a tissue and sealed the tissue in a plastic bag. I know, plastic!! We have got so used to the convenience of it…but I could have said I put the tissue in a glass jar…but that would have been a lie!

The essential oils I used were:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea tree
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary

He opened the bag and inhaled …and felt instantly better and was very grateful. Throughout the day, I often sore him sniffing the paper tissue to open up his sinuses and clear his head again.

Tonight, I am burning in my diffuser an aromatherapy blend of oils called CLEANSE as a preventative measure.

Germs from sneezes spread in the air very quickly and when working with someone it’s inevitable that you touch maybe a door handle or something that they have.

So start preventing your sniffles now.

  • Wash your hands regularly;
  • Keep your hands away from your face;
  • Eat a diet which supports your digestive system (I have a daily drink of kefir for my probiotics and feed the healthy gut bugs with prebiotics from vegetables and resistance starch);
  • Keep your stress levels balanced. We need to balance our autonomic nervous system of fight or flight and rest and digest or your immune system takes a hit!!;
  • Use immune boosting and antimicrobial essential oils

If you have children a reminder about hand washing is a must….and sneeze into your arm instead of your hand so those germs are not spread more than we can help!

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