Okay…this post is on the subject of smell.

…and more specifically it has to do with asparagus metabolites!

– so even more precisely the smell of your pee after you eat asparagus!!

Have you ever heard people say their urine smells after they’ve eaten asparagus?

Maybe you’ve thought, well mine doesn’t!

…so what’s normal? Should it smell?

After a little research, i’ve found a study which suggests it’s to do with a certain gene and what is really interesting (well I thought so!!) is…

It’s not about whether your pee smells, it’s whether you can actually smell the asparagus ‘scent’ 🙂

A large proportion of people have asparagus anosmia.

This is when you have a genetic variation near multiple olfactory receptor genes and it is associated with the ability of an individual to smell the metabolites of asparagus in urine.

How interesting is that?!?!