One of my favourite breakfasts today…Avocado with poached egg over saute greens. ?

You may think this is a weird thing to have for breakfast. Especially if you are a cereal breakfast eater.

But…(and don’t you hate buts??) if you feel hungry a couple of hours later, if you can’t get rid of those sugar cravings and afternoon energy slumps…this could be the culprit!

Have you checked the label on the packet of those cereals?.I bet added sugar is an ingredient? The cereal part is a carbohydrate which gets broken down into sugar by the body, and then the added sugar as well will send you on a blood sugar roller coaster!

So the best breakfast to have is something containing protein and a healthy fat to slow the sugar getting into your blood stream.

If you want to stick with your cereals then check cereal packets labels.

Better still, make your own muesli using dried oats (which contain protein), some nuts and seeds and a piece of fruit chopped up. You can make a big batch of the oats, nuts and seeds so it is quicker and more convenient and just add the chopped banana or blueberries or apple in the morning.

Even better, stir through the milk into your homemade muesli the night before and leave it in the fridge. the oats soak up the liquid and you get a different type of breakfast again.

Bircher muesli is made with yoghurt instead of milk…so stiring through some oats etc into natural yoghurt and you again have another alternative…and very convenient to take with you to eat at work if you’re rushing around with the family in the morning.

When it comes to the weekend when you have more time then maybe you can switch to a cooked breakfast.

Looking at this photo I think it looks like a crab walking across my plate!!! But it tasted wonderful and I was really chuffed with my poached egg.