So what’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Even though there are some similarities

(they are both mind-body-fitness modalities)

they are different practices.

…and what does ‘mind-body-fitness mean?

It’s about being body aware while we move so we are conscious of when an exercise is working (or not) for us. 

Our thoughts are mindful when we focus on our body awareness and movement – in the present time – giving our brain a rest from constant mindless chatter and being in the flow of the mindful movement we are doing. So at the end of a class you go away feeling relaxed.

I really love teaching Pilates but I also love taking part in yoga classes.

It really is individual to what a person likes and their body needs. There is so much variety in the various styles of classes offered…and the teachers putting their own individual spin on things, that there is always a class and a style for everyone.

The benefits are huge, not just for fitness and musculoskeletal health; but also for the benefits it gives us on the inside as well.

If you are in Buckinghamshire, you can come along to one of my group Pilates classes or I offer one-to-one sessions.

Contact me if you would like to have a one-to-one course of sessions and tell me what you would like or need to focus on.

Or attend my class at…

Alchemise Yoga and Wellbeing Centre where I have a class on a Monday evening in Newport Pagnell. 

SNAP fitness where I have a class on Wednesday evenings in Oakridge Park