One of the biggest drivers of menopausal symptoms

is stress and fluctuating cortisol levels.

When the ovaries stop producing estrodiol,

the adrenal glands have to step up and produce estrone.

A combination of many things – past and future – can impact on our sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight arm of the autonomic nervous system

  • work
  • high impact exercise
  • high adrenaline play
  • major life events such as house move (or country move!), divorce/relationship break up, death of a loved one…you get the idea!

and all these stressful events need to be balanced with relaxation and rest. (the parasympathetic arm of the autonomic nervous system…often called ‘rest and digest’ or ‘feed and breed’)


Too many stressors and not enough balance impacts on our body especially if it’s over a long period of time.

By the time the menopause creeps up your poor adrenal glands are probably running on empty!

So what to do?

• Check out your work life balance. There’s a coaching tool called the wheel of life which is very useful for this. You can look it up online or if you would like to book a coaching call with me I can help you work through changes you can make.

• Balance your HIIT training with Pilates, Yoga and walking. 

• Book yourself in for a regular massage – at least once a month

• What do you enjoy doing that get’s you into a ‘flow’ state? Take some ‘me’ time out of your work and family life is needed by us all. After all, if we don’t look after ourselves then who will look after those around you?

• Find a new hobby that you get so absorbed in the time just whizzes by – this is your flow state. This is what those mindful colouring books do; but you may just enjoy reading, walking, painting?

• Drink licorice tea – Licorice root is a great adaptogenic herb, which helps to raise cortisol in times of adrenal insufficiency. Do note this is not the licorice sweets that are made of sugar and flavourings it is the herbal root. Warning: don’t use licorice if you suffer with high blood pressure.

There are many other things which I could add and a lot of things are individual to you.

If you need some help please get in touch and maybe we can work together.

You can also join the closed Facebook group Women’s Health & Hormones to get regular help on natural ways to improve your health and Get Your Sparkle Back. It’s free to join and you get to be with like- minded women who are possibly having the same health concerns as you.